It’s been 2 long years since the last Hangover Brunch, and we are so ready to be back at it in November! We are committed to providing a safe experience.  We know the protocols can change often, so we will be monitoring any changes and recommendations and will update as needed.


As for now, here’s what we will be doing at the brunch in November:


      • All servers and bartenders will be required to wear masks while serving
      • Food samples will remain single serve and a new plate or tray will be used at each restaurant – as we’ve done in the past.
      • Drinks will be ready to drink with new cups each time  and/or provided to attendees in a can
      • Touch-less hand sanitizer stands will be placed throughout the event for easy access and use
      • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected often
      • No day-of ticket sales on premise – this will ensure there won’t be a lot of congestion in the entry lines
      • Check in will be located outside to allow for open air while standing in line. Bring your coats if needed!